Saturday, April 7, 2012

MAC - New Collection

Today I picked up one item from the In Extra Dimension collection! The MAC bay was poppin all day cuz of their new collections so I walked over and fell in love with a few items, I was so busy that I only had time to play with one item and decided that I loved it soo much that I would pick it up.

I purchased the Extra Dimension Highlighter in the color - Whisper of Gilt (gold) its such a pretty color and looked so nice when I tried it on! I just wanted to post it cuz something like this wont last and wanted to let you all know that it is HOT and give you time to go get it before they run out! I want to check out their shadows on Monday when I'm at work again cuz a few of them caught my eye, especially Dark Dare to Shop, it's a black glittery color.

I will be trying my new highlighter this weekend and will post my reviews on it next week!

Have a fun, happy and safe Easter all!


Hi Everyone!!!! I know I have been MIA, but I have been super busy/booked but I'm back! I wanted to post this blog before Easter because I had some Easter items from Lush!!!!

One of my favorite items I bought was the Carrot Top Re-usable Bubble Bar!!!! I have been loving it! I hold it under running water while my tub is filling and creates frothy bubbles! You can also just swish it around in your water as well. Something fun and smells fabulous!!!!

The next Easter themed item I purchased it the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb!!!! I actually purchased 2, I had to go back for the second one cuz I loved it soo much!  I used it on it's own and loved it! The smell is yummy, reminds me of cotton candy!!!!

I also purchased a coconut bubbleroon! I love the smell and the silky feeling it leaves me. If you pull it apart you will have enough for two baths! Love!!!

The last three items I purchased are repeats that I love! Ocean Scrub, I love it and use it as an exfoiliator for the body, you can use it on your face as well however, I use a Lancome facial exfoliator.

Ice Blue Soap - my husband actually uses this, he likes the peppermint wake him up smell and it also has sea salt for a exfoliator,

The last item is is just a shower bar in honey, I use this on days that I'm running low on time and dont have a ton of time to moisturize right after my shower as this is a moisturizing bar.

I hope this helps you on your next visit and if you haven't tried Lush yet you have to go in and try their items, you are going to fall in love!!!! They have something for everyone!!!