Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Rose Gold Highlighter

Elizabeth Arden’s Pure Finish Highlighter in the color Rose Illumination

After seeing a couple of reviews on this, I knew I had to rush out and head to my nearest Elizabeth Arden counter to purchase this highlighter. I am soo addicted to highlighters right now and thought what an awesome piece to add to my collection.

I went to my local Macy’s to purchase the highlighter and I was lucky to get the very last one they had in stock. Most Macy’s are out, even ordering online was not an option as it was out of stock!!!

The color of this highlighter is soo unbelievably gorgeous! It is a Rose Gold color with plenty of shimmer! I just LOVE it!!! I just love the color with my tan, it is definitely a summer highlighter! It also pairs perfectly with my Lancôme blush in the color Shimmer Mandarin Sky and my MAC blush from the Heavenly Creatures collection in the color Solar Ray!!!! I use this by contouring my cheeks, then add my blush then finish off with the highlighter on top. I use a small brush and apply it just above the apples of my cheeks and all the way up to the end of my temples.

An added bonus, Macy’s had a free gift with purchase when I purchased the highlighter. It came with a ugly, gold bag that I will probably give to one of my nieces to play with but the products inside aren’t bad. It came with a duo shimmer bronzer, looks pretty. A lipstick, it’s a tad too dark for me but I’m sure I can rock it in the fall with some gloss. A couple of skin care items, one includes the Ceramide Capsules, they are a little to oily for my skin but I like using them on my neck and décolleté at night. The best part of the gift is the Eight Hour Cream!!!! I love this, I love using it one my feet after a pedi, I massage it into my feet and add some socks and sleep with it on, in the morning your feet are soo soft and summer ready! I love it!!!! I’m pretty sure the Free Gift with Purchase is over at Macy’s but Carson’s (Bon Ton, Bergners, etc.) has started their free gift and it’s pretty similar.

So get out there and purchase this gorgeous Rose Gold Highlighter, you will not be disappointed!!


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