Tuesday, July 24, 2012

M.A.C. Heavenly Creature Collection

I have been sitting on this for a few weeks, I apologize! I’m sure most of you have gone out to purchase from this collection!
My haul and review on the last M.A.C. collection – Heavenly Creature.

When I first saw this collection a few months ago, I had already decided that I wasn’t going to purchase anything from the collection, I looked at it as very Gagaish, don’t get me wrong I love Gaga but wasn’t soo sure I wanted to go out there with my makeup collection. But once the collection hit the counter and I actually got to play with the colors, I fell in love and fell fast! I purchased only a few things as I’m not a huge fan of Mineral Finishes, however, I do love this collection and I love the pieces I picked up!

Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF) in the color: Center of the Universe - I love this, I love the gold, orange and cranberry colors and frosty finish. I apply it with a small brush on my face when I’m done with all my make-up for a polish finish. This is such a gorgeous color to continue my Summer Bronze Goddess look!

Mineralized Blush in the color: Solar Ray – I love this! I love how you build up to the perfect color and it has a luminous shimmer. This is a coral/orange and gold and looks glowy on the apples of your cheeks! I rock this by contouring just beneath my apples of my cheeks, then apply my mineralized blush and top it off with a highlighter (I’m also blogging about highlighters and I will let you know my two faves at the moment in that blog!!!)

Mineralized Blush in the color: Supernova – this combination of colors just melts my heart! A bright pink with a frosted gold luster! Such a sweet look for the summer especially on days when I barely have any makeup on, a pop of color on my cheeks, lip gloss and sunglasses and I’m ready to rock the day!

Mineralized Eye Shadow in the color: Sky – I wanted to pick a color that I didn’t already have something similar so I chose Sky and I’m happy I did! Such a beautiful color, it’s a combination of cobalt, turquoise and a greenish gold! You can use these wet or dry, when used wet you get more of a pigmented turn out. The color combination really depends how you hit that pan with your brush, you can use the blues and gold together, the blues then add splashes of gold after the blues are applied or just use the golds. I use them both ways, wet and dry, it all depends on the look I’m trying to achieve. Simply gorgeous!

The last product I purchased form this collection is from the Heavenly Creature Skin collection. I had heard such great reviews on the item Ipurchased so of course I had to purchase and try it out…

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator – it’s a exfoliating scrub with natural blends of volcanic ash and fine sugar crystals. It does exfoliate, the texture is good not sure I would use on real sensitive skin however. But that’s where it ends, it exfoliates and that’s it, my skin didn’t feel clean or soft after. M.A.C. isn’t a skin care line so I didn’t have high expectations and a good thing cause I wasn’t impressed. Would I repurchase? Ahhh no! I may even end up selling it on a upcoming blog sale….

All in all I’m very happy with my purchases, I do have to say that I didn’t purchase any of the cream finishes and I’m not a huge fan as I have to reapply often and the lipsticks didn’t blow me away….hope you have had a chance to get out to your M.A.C. counter to try some of the items from the Heavenly Creatures collection!


  1. Lucky!! most of the stuff is sold out :( I didn't get a chance to buy any MSF only some mineralize eye shadows. Have you seen their new collection?

  2. A ton of pieces from this collection sold out fast! I have seen the new collections and I'm super excited about the By Request and the Marilyn Monroe!!!