Thursday, August 16, 2012

Urban Decay Haul

Just wanted to post a quick picture of my Urban Decay Haul. I bought this round through their "Hey, we just met, and this is crazy but sh#ts on sale" sale.....

Feminine Palette – bought this palette because I just love the colors in it! Super cheap at $12.00.

Starlight Glitter Body Art – I had already been using this on clients for special events and decided to but it for the glitter not bad for $6.00.

Midnight Emergency Kit – Love the neutral shades in it and the full size gloss, a must carry for work assignments and travel. A steal at $12.00.

Skull Shadow Box – bought these two for two of my teenage nieces for their stocking stuffers! Fun colors for them to play with and a smart buy at $12.00

Vintage Big Fatty – Mascara, I’ve used this before on myself and clients and it’s not bad. I layer lashes with different mascara’s depending on the look that I am trying to achieve. At $5.00 each why not buy 3 to have on hand!

Vintage Eyeshadows (Color: Maui Wowie) – I have always wanted this color and for some reason I never got around to purchasing it, I don’t care that it’s the old formulation and that it doesn’t fit in their make your own palette, I’m wowing over the $9.00 price!!!

That is it….I love everything I received and I might go online to buy some more of the single eye shadows. If you haven’t had a chance get to their website and order before it’s too late!!!!
 I have purchased the newest SMOKED palette and I am currently playing with the colors and looks and will post about it very soon!

Now get to UD website and order away, treat yourself, you deserve it! :)

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