Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Favorite Chanel Products At The Moment


There are two items from Chanel that I am in LOVE with currently. I cannot say enough about them except go, no run to your Chanel counter to sample these products.

Chanel Natural Loose Powder in 47 Feerie

This powder is such a beautiful shimmery puff of pink! It is a soft pink powder that I use all over my skin with unbelievable shimmer. The flecks in the powder are just amazing. I have several powders similar by different cosmetic lines but in my opinion the size and the reflection of the flecks in this powder is outstanding! It comes with a puff but I prefer to use a powder brush to apply to my face, neck, d├ęcolletage and sometimes even my shoulders.

 Sheer Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed

This is such a pretty illuminating product. It is a illuminating bronzer with a slight hint of pink in it not an orange tone as other have, this is a bronzy pink. I love the way the sun/light reflects off the fluid. You can apply it over your foundation on your cheeks for the highlight illuminated effect on the cheeks or you can mix a small amount into your foundation. I personally mix some of the product into my foundation for an all over illuminating bronzing effect. It gives you some color but is NOT a self tanner, it gives your skin a beachy sunkissed glow! This product is soo gorgeous! Last week a customer told me I had such a beautiful glow to my face, I had a Jennifer Lopez glow. WOW!!!! I never heard that one before and thought how sweet! Part of my glow was because of this product.!

It is extremely hard to take pictures of these two items because you just have to see the color, shimmer and sunkissed looks with your natural eye. Visit your Chanel counter soon to check these out! PS- most Chanel counters will also throw in some samples in your bag of various items for you to enjoy! Happy Shopping!

See ya Chanel counter until your Summer 2012 collection hits your counter! xoxo

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