Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the Air in Chicago

So today’s weather was amazing! With the warm weather it definitely makes me want to go out and get a mani/pedi! I also want that super illuminated rich glow! Today I was super busy but tomorrow I’m only working a half day and the other half day shopping for sandals and some Spring collections by Chanel, Dior & Bobbi Brown!

I have a ton of items that I want to blog about but I just don’t want to make it soo random. Tomorrow’s blog will either be about my most favorite polishes at the moment or Chanel.

Macy’s is having some sale that starts tomorrow that gives us an additional 10% off so that’s why I waited to make any additional purchases.

Within the next week I will be blogging about additional skin care items, hair products and Urban Decay.

I also,  want to talk foundations and mascara’s! If you have any questions or want me to review a certain product or category please let me know, I do these blogs for you.

Here’s to another fabulous day tomorrow and I can’t wait to post tomorrow’s blog!

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